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Air plant Large Vernicosa

Beautiful Large Air Plant. This air plant will grow up to 24" in diameter at full adult growth. .

Each Plant will be a little different. Some will have a few pups attached to them some will have none. If you are looking for one with pups please email us before so we can check our stock. We will do our best to accommodate all requests however mother nature is a hard beast to tame.

Easy care!!! Do not put in soil. Can put in any container glass, wire, plate, metal, stone, wood, the ideas are endless as long as it is does not hold water and is not made of copper. Air plants like to get wet then dry out so do not keep them wet. Air plants and copper do not mix it is a lethal metal to them.
Can be grown outside in warmer temperatures, partial shade or bright indirect light. Place in your favorite tree next to your hammock.
Water weekly. We email you detailed care instructions when you order. Ship simple and are always here for care questions as air plants care is dictated by their environment. So reach out anytime to get a tailored care plan to your environment.

Air Plant Vernicosa Tillandsia Single

SKU: 0017
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